Erectile Dysfunction 5 Myths You Need To Know

The only thing that you should be searching for if you are diagnosed to have an erectile dysfunction is cure. This condition is not something you should take easy because it is chronic and can reoccur that us why it requires correct diagnosis and treatment. By getting rid of the myths while discovering the truths behind this common condition, couples can cope with it effectively which is also important in giving them enough courage to talk it over with their doctor.

ED Myth #1: A decrease of sex appetite is evident if someone is suffering from erectile dysfunction

This certainly defies the truth. In fact, patients who suffer from erection deficiency still preserve their sexual desires and even come to the pint of achieving ejaculation. The truth is that this condition does not mean a loss of erection but only means the patient is having difficulty in achieving it. There are millions of men that suffer this condition all over the world.

ED Myth #2: Erectile dysfunction is normal and a part of getting oldmale erectile dysfunction

This is true in some cases, but not all! You should keep in mind that ED is not something that everyone is bound to suffer. However, he condition is common among older man. The main reason behind this is the development of age-related diseases like vascular diseases and diabetes. The medications prescribed for these diseases are also relevant factors towards the development of such a condition. It is a good thing that plethora remedies for erectile dysfunction are already out in the market to save you from its unsightly effects.

ED Myth #3: In most cases, certain psychological issues on men causes ED. Am I right?

This statement is off the tune. You should know that nine out of ten men who suffer from erectile dysfunction also have some serious biological issues which lead them to acquiring such a condition. It might be a fact that psychological factors are relevant but it is less likely compared to physical ones. Men who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, as atherosclerosis, and diabetes are much prone to this condition compared to those who are perfectly healthy.

ED Myth #4: Your physical health is not at risk with ED and all you need to do is to get rid of it on your own

The medical community will certainly give a big wrong to this statement. You should be aware that ED can cause extreme depression and stress. Say good bye to your confidence and say hello to a miserable sexual life if you are diagnosed with such a condition and you don’t plan to act on it accordingly. The most alarming part with regards to this situation is that most men are so embarrassed toe even share it to their doctor until it gets worst.

ED Myth #5: Invasive and embarrassing methods are the only way to diagnose ED

Definitely wrong! You will only need a standard physical examination alongside with a medical/sexual history check. What is so hard about that? Blood and urine samplings are the only procedures that are needed to test what possible diseases made erectile dysfunction evident in you.

Now that you got rid of those misleading erectile dysfunction myths, it’s time for you to start your search for the real treatment for your condition. There are hundreds of safe and effective methods that you can choose from. You should do the search on your own for you to save your pride, relationship and most importantly, your life.